Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we answer some of your questions! If you have a question that is not answered below, please write to us at csplash [at] cims [dot] nyu [dot] edu.

I forgot to sign up, and now the student sign-up deadline passed. Could I still come?

It depends on how many students have registered. If there is still room, then we will have on-site sign-ups. Please check back for updates.

I signed up but did not register for classes, and now the class registration has closed. Could I still come?

Yes, you could come, but please please please try to register for classes before the deadline. On-site class registration is a slow, boring process. Plus, the classes fill up quickly, so you might not get the ones you want if you wait for too long.

I am under 12 or not yet in 9th grade; could I still sign up?

cSplash is designed for high school students—no exceptions! We hope you consider signing up for a future cSplash event.

I'm a parent; could I come?

We strongly discourage parents from accompanying their children during the event. If you are travelling from far away, here is a list of recommended places to visit in the neighborhood. If, on the other hand, your child has a disability or other special circumstances that require them to be accompanied, please let us know so that we could arrange an exception.

I'm an adult without a child participating in this year's cSplash; could I come?

This is fine, but please keep in mind that cSplash is for high school students. While you could certainly sign up, you will be barred from registering for classes until the day of the event. We also ask that you play the role of a silent bystander during class and refrain from participating in classroom discussions. If you have questions, please talk to the teacher afterwards.